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posted Sep 9, 2019, 4:27 PM by littlesaigon soccer   [ updated Sep 11, 2019, 6:42 PM ]

!!! IMPORTANT Updates !!! 

1) There will be no O45 league because not enough teams registered.  Currently there are 14 teams registered to play O38 league. Expected Opening Game Day will be on September 15, 2019.  Final Schedule will be posted by this Wednesday night.

2) For those Teams that have not paid Registration Fees ($150) and Deposit Fees ($200), please contact Bien Ngo at 714-813-0057 to pay all the fees BEFORE game day on 9/15/2019.  Failure to pay all fees will be considered Forfeited and result in a 0-3 loss.

3) There will be a Field Marshall on site every week. Field Marshall's duties and responsibilities includes:
    a. PREGAME:
        - Collect game fees ($70) from each team
        - Collect and ensure game cards are filled out completely by team managers.
        - Verify Player ID/Card is correctly listed on the game card. If necessary, check player's minimum age requirements.
          (Only CA Real ID, CA Driver License, or Mexico ID (for Mexican teams only) are officially accepted IDs. No ID, No Play!)
        - Helps to enforce the tournaments rules and regulations.
        - Address concerns, issues arised if requested by the referees and coaches/team managers.
    c. POST GAME:
        - Ensure game card and/or incidents are recorded correctly and completely by Referees.
        - Ensure game fees ($70) are collected from each team.
    Important Notes:
A.  Field Marshall may collaborate with Referees to resolve any confrontations and/or fightings. However, the Referee will be the sole judge on the field of play and all decisions are final.
B.  Field Marshall may be a member of the LSS Organizing Committe (aka BTC). However, Field Marshall's roles and responsibilities are strictly contained herein as described above. Field Marshall's decision may not represent BTC's decision.


- All players need to have Player ID card affiliated with the club. Please contact Tien Nguyen at (714) 722-2059 to make ID card. Cost per ID card is $5.

- Updated Team Roster template can be downloaded from the Documents page.  Please email completed Team Roster to:

- Last day to submit Team Roster and request Player ID/Card is BEFORE 2nd Match (9/22/2019).