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Rules (English)

Summer Cup 2021
O38 & O45

a. Tournament opening date:  Sunday, 6/6/2021
b. Venue: Garden Grove Park, Vista View School, McGarvin School
c. The match will be held according to the schedule announced by the Tournament Organizing Committee (aka BTC) 
d . Teams may not stop or postpone the match for any reason. If there is a problem with the field or the weather, the BTC will review and notify the teams.

a. O38 Division : Player age 38 years or older (born in  1983  or earlier)
b. O45 Division : Player age 45 years or older (born in  1976 or earlier). May allow up to Three ( 3)  O43 players (born in 1978 or earlier)    
c. Upon request from the BTC, the player must prove his age with the original documents:  USA Real ID , or USA Driver License , or  Mexico ID  (for Mexican teams only), and only need to prove once throughout the tournament
i) If you cannot prove your age according to the requirements and time specified by the BTC, it will  not be considered valid and the player will not be allowed to continue participating in the tournament. 
ii) If necessary, the BTC can ask law enforcement for help. Players who do not cooperate at the request of the BTC will be considered invalid
d. Players without LSS Player ID Card  will not be allowed to play.  
Note : Please contact BTC to make a Player ID Card 

a. Each team can register up to 23 players (including a maximum of  3 foreign players, Asian does not count)
b. Last date to submit the team roster: Sunday, 6/6/2021
    (The team roster on 6/6/2021 match report will be used if the roster is not submitted on time)
c. Each participating team pays $100 prize money (non-refundable), and  $200 deposit (refundable)
d. Deposit will be refunded at the end of the season if full participation is met
e. Teams that abandon the tournament or are disqualified from the tournament will not receive a refund of the deposit
f. Referee and game fees: $75 / 1 game / 1 team

a. Double-Leg round robin
b. Scoring and Ranking: 
  • Win 3, Draw 1, Lose 0
  • If two or more teams have the same standing, the ranking will be calculated as follows: 
            i)  Head to Head of Both matches combined 
            ii) Goal Differential of both matches combined       
            iii) Most  Goal Score of both matches combined
 iv) Most Goal Score overall
 v) Yellow card score (-1), red card (-3) the team with the fewest points will win

a. Unlimited player substitution in a match
b. Team roster may be updated until  the end of Leg 1 (last match of Leg 1)
        i)  Only add players, not remove players
        ii) Only players who have never played for any team in the same Division may be added

    A.  Player :
a. No Sliding and Tackle
b. A player is disqualified from the tournament (both O38 & O45) if violates the following:
i) Assault, insult, attack the referee or BTC member
ii) The player does not participate in the competition but participates in a fight (with confirmation of the referee or field marshall)
iii) Deliberately playing for 2 teams in the same Division
iv) Red card due to fighting (confirmed by referee or field marshall)
v) 3 red cards in the whole tournament (O38 & O45)
c. A player who is red carded will be banned from playing for the next 1 match
d. A player who participates in a match while serving a penalty will be banned for the next 3 matches. Repeat offenders will be disqualified from the Tournament

    B. Team:
a. Team showing up for a match more than 15 minutes late, or with less than 7 players is considered forfeited and lose 0-3
b. Team that is forfeited or disqualified in the match (according to the referee's report) will be recorded a 0-3 loss (the score will be maintained if it loses by more than 3 goals), and must pay the game fees $75. If forfeited in the first half, must pay $150
c. Team with ineligible players will be deducted half (1/2) of the total standing points. If committed a second offense, team will be disqualified from the tournament
d. Team that deliberately forfeits (without the consent of the BTC), or leaves the match (according to the referee's reports) more than 2 times during the season will be disqualified from the tournament.
e. The team that gives up (forfeit) is considered not to participate in the tournament
f. All points and goals will be forfeited if the team is disqualified or forfeited (each Leg stands on its own)

a. The BTC only accepts appeals if notified on the day of the match (before or after the match), and no later than 24 hours after the match.
b. The team that appeals must provide evidence (photo, video) 
c. The rights of the team appeals and being appealed will be lost if they do not attend the meetings required by the BTC, or are not able to provide evidence required by the BTC within the allotted time.
d. The player being disputed by will not be able to participate in the tournament until a result is made available, and/or approval from the BTC
e. BTC will try to resolve the appeal as soon as possible or before the next match
f. No appeal against the referee's decision
g. If the BTC suspicious that a team may be in violation of the rules, the BTC reserves the right to initiate the investigation and clarify the matter without receiving appeals from the teams.
h. All BTC decisions will be announced on the LSS website ( ). Any individual consent from BTC member will not be considered valid.
i. BTC reserves the right of final decision with exceptions

    a. First place: Cup + Medal + $
    b. Second place: Cup + $
    c. Third place: Cup + $
    d. Team Sportsmanship: Plaque + $

Note : The Team Sportsmanship award will be voted by the BTC based on the following criteria: 
  • Red/Yellow cards 
  • Game time show up
  • Behaviors on the pitch
  • Players' eligibilities
The FIFA 2020/2021 rules will be applied to this Tournament. We hope that the teams will support and respect the rules and regulations to make our soccer tournament successful in the spirit of Fun, Health, and Friendly.